Be wary of dictionary APP misunderstanding

At the moment, in the mobile phone app, the words, the back words have become a habit of college students, middle school students and English learning enthusiasts, and the electronic dictionary on the app almost replaces most of the paper dictionary.

However, recent reporters have found that many English learning apps, frequently spelling, phonetics, translations, etc. How long have you not turned over the paper dictionary? Maybe in the moment of being popular 上海浦东油压带全套 in mobile phone dictionary app, we put down the heavy "brick".

Now you don’t even need a word, take a photo, record a paragraph, machine can help you inquire, translate, and even detailed various sentences and grammar usage.

This can be used in learning, and the dictionary APP is favored by students. However, the dictionary app said it is just a transplant – put existing content on the market, collecting the program code collection. Essentially, it doesn’t have a complete review process on the content.

According to the cost investment, the research and development enterprises of such APPs do not have auditors, self-correction, more daily maintenance from product development, and user feedback. In terms of professional short semi-cut, there is not enough to leak. In fact, it is not just a 上海品茶论坛sn dictionary app. Any text product involving paper content, such as e-books, electronic magazines, etc. On the other hand, lack of corresponding supervision is an important reason why there is a constant bad mistake. Currently, in addition to part involving copyright issues, publishing social assembly is constrained in most, such electronic reading errors are in the state of "unmanned". The relevant functional departments, either do not investigate the qualifications, or no managed privileges, and finally have to let go of self. Although small errors do not hurt elegance, correct the error correction, but due to lack of supervision and internal drive power, the dictionary app is also happy.

This will mislead those who are accustomed to using the dictionary app. If the error is still constantly, the user will naturally vote with a foot.

  As a learning tool, the dictionary app, learning app, learning app, etc. must recognize their positioning and responsibility, and develop some flowers in the whistle, not the new function of the margin, it is better to do a good job in the content checking school, reduce the error, this is the life The foundation. In addition, in supervision, 上海闵行吴泾kb新店 the electronic dictionary should also be treated by the paper dictionary. This requires research to develop corresponding management rules to promote multi-sectoral work, and grasp the grasp. Don’t let the "destroyed" people tireless APP, flow into the market, misunderstood people. (Chen Wenjie).


Cai Ruilong surveyed the situation of the towns and towns

  On the afternoon of January 12, the deputy secretary of Yanji Municipal Party Committee and the mayor Cai Ruilong went into the township and investigating the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Cai Ruilong’s 上海松江微信品茶90分钟 investigation of epidemic prevention and control in five villages, Yang Ting Ting, "There is no foreign person in the village?" "" Is personal information registration is comprehensive detailed? "8 Village, Wudao Village and Chaoyangchuan Town, Wudao Village and Chaoyangchuan Town in Sandan Town Shengcun, Cai Ruilong looked through the village committee epidemic prevention and control registration 闵行按摩油压 desk account, and heard the epidemic epidemic prevention work of each village committee and deployed the next step.

Cai Ruilong’s investigation of epidemic prevention and control work in Baodao Village Yang Tingting photographing Cai Ruilong in the development of epidemic prevention and control work in Long Shengcun, Yang Tingting photographed Cai Ruilong pointed out that the annual taste was gradually concentrated, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the flow of people will increase. Villages must carefully conduct information registrations, all-in-law and daily health monitoring work to return home and foreign personnel, etc.

It is necessary to prepare for the returning personnel returning to the medium-high risk zone and the closure of foreign people.

To fully strengthen people’s gathering supervision and management, remind villagers to wear masks to urge personal protective measures. Cai Ruilong emphasized that the current national epidemic situation is still serious, and the normalized epidemic prevention and control work must be unremitted.

The various departments of township should do well in management, scientific, precision, and effective implementation of prevention and control measures.

We must resolute overcome paralysis, tired of emotions, luck, and firmly hold the critical period of the winter Ming Spring epidemic prevention and control, and create a safe and stable living environment for township residents. Deputy Mayor Guo Zhengji, Yanji Dinosaur Culture Research and Development Center, Director of the Municipal Government Office, Golden New Golden Games. (Ji Fangxu).


Datong Yungang District investment promotes new vitality

  In 2021, the Yungang District of Datong City has taken project construction as a carrier of high-quality development, and promotes the promotion and promotion of project construction. As of the end of July, there were 6 reported projects in Daxong City, and the investment volume was 100 million yuan, and 20 reserves 上海龙凤群were 10.2 billion yuan.

Among them, the national network Times Huadian Datong thermoelectric indexing project, the soldiers casting projects, etc. are foreign investment projects.

  In the investment promotion, Yungang District focuses on leading backbone, development potential, independent innovative project, has introduced biological new material integration project, carbon dioxide capture, intelligent medical wear project, etc.

Yungang District Economic and Technological Development Zone released vitality, built a Tongchuang Industrial Park, and the "Garden Park" such as the incubation park.

  In order to improve the investment mechanism, Yungang District integrates the planning and development demand for the planning and development of the "Yungang District Investment Promotion Preferential Policies (Trial).

The industrial transformation and social development has a large investment project, which implements "one enterprise and one policy" "one thing", enjoy special preferential policies, and agreed to support the support; the industrial added value of industrial added value above the development zone The top three rewards have been rewarded by more than 3%; the regional government has a subscription of 50 million yuan per year for the annual financial single budget for investment promotion rewards … a series of investment promotional policies, let the entrepreneurs in Yungang District Stateless development confidence.

虹口水磨会所哪些   In the first half of 2021, the Yungang District Merchants Team visited the outstanding enterprises and colleges of Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Ningbo and other places to learn the industrial planning and development layout of local enterprises, and discuss the future of 14 industrial clusters in colleges and universities. Direction of development.

At the same time, the district actively implements the "one-stop office" model, helps enterprises to complete nuclear preparation, land acquisition, project approval, etc., improve the efficiency of the office; establish a sound key project tracking service mechanism, timely understand the project construction dynamics, and promote the project Sign up as soon as possible and provide a satisfactory investment environment for customers.

  The relevant 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 person in charge of the Yungang District Investment Center said that the next step will make full use of the industrial chain investment, and continue to improve the construction of the project library, continue to improve the construction of the project library, relying on the main battlefield effect of the entire area of ??industrial advantages and development zones, and focus on the "Sixth" project new breakthrough.

(Ma Jingbo).


Beijing Xi’an Gate Street transfiguration Open Architecture Museum

  Former imperial city roads – Beijing, Xi’an Gate Street to complete the transformation and upgrading of all, an open city architectural museum. Du Yanshe Beijing BEIJING, November 30 (Reporter Du Yan) parking pile on the sidewalk "pass" to the long occupied the sidewalk of private cars, forming a slow-priority "neighborhoods static stability"; public library building at the Red House headed buildings "dumping" at once the mortar, the traditional architectural style courtyard, the Republic of China, after the founding of architecture of each period have showed true colors …… after the implementation of "cleansing operation", Beijing, Xi’an gate street to transform and upgrade completed. Former Imperial City main road, urban architecture has now become an open museum. Traffic "chronic illness" is radical east Fuyou Street, west to the West Fourth Street South, a total length of 800 meters Xi’an Gate Street, it was an important channel connecting inside and outside the Imperial City.

Today, it has become an important showcase streets of the ancient capital of the core area of ??Beijing.

  Enhance the transformation of the former, there has been plagued by two blocking traffic problems. In April this year, "cleansing" the transformation of the Xi’an Gate Street start, first of all pointed at the traffic jamming point.

  Xicheng District, Beijing, the innovation, implementation of the "Regulations street offices in Beijing," the first street to the territorial led coordination headquarters, to convene whistle District Management Committee, traffic detachment, self-regulation Bureau, Business Bureau and other units to 24 study and solve the problem.

Of traffic, non-motorized order, resources parking and parking needs of residents through regularly scheduled and coordinated action to investigate Mopai comb from parking, bike sharing and car stop clearing the bar three facilities optimization, improving traffic management and facilities optimization, Xi’an gate street to calm down. Now, to comb the streets on both sides of the sidewalk out 183 block car pile, champagne railings carved out the boundaries of a motor vehicle and non-motor vehicles, bicycles for shared electronic fence has also been in place. Disorderly vehicles were "unloaded" down. Xi’an Gate Street has become slow priority "static stability neighborhoods."

    Former imperial city roads – Beijing, Xi’an Gate Street to complete the transformation and upgrading of all, an open city architectural museum. Du Yanshe historic architectural style dew "as is" Xi’an Gate Street from the Yuan Dynasty was founded, every period of history have left traces.

In order to trace the history of each period to reproduce, to enhance the implementation of the "cleansing" for the corresponding architectural style. "We want to authenticity, integrity, principle, based on the status of implementation of texture to minimize disturbance on the red chamber to seize the important nodes cinemas, supermarkets and other MerryMart, facades of buildings along the street by retention, improve, finishing category the implementation of ‘micro repair, improve the micro, micro-updating’. "Xi’an gate street reconstruction chief architect architecture professor at Beijing University Dinc said. According Dinc introduced, in an architectural style "remover" 83 points in addition to 上海喝茶的地方老司机 the four protection and repair point at point 2 updates, "micro repair, to improve micro, micro-update" accounts for about 93% . Like the Red House in West four junctions of the public library building, was Beijing’s first widescreen dimensional cinema, the first "barrier-free theater."

"The original library building gray walls are sprayed, cover the walls of the original building fabric." Dinc said its fine grinding, surface mortar removed, exposing the true architectural style.

Polished more than a month, more than 400 square meters of the wall exposed old red brick wall.

Careful observation, faintly visible brick red brick with a contemporary slogan, slogan words.

  Another example is the late Qing Dynasty, Xi’an Gate Street, a small courtyard-style 上海喝茶最新联系方式 number 141 exposed once the ticket gate. This brick gatehouse plaque from Mr. Shen Yinmo great calligrapher handwriting, reveal the real capacity of mottled brick arch as if to tell the Vicissitudes century. Shichahai subdistrict offices responsible person, this way, the street of the traditional architectural style courtyard, the Republic of China after the founding of the construction of various periods have flashed true colors, walking in the Xi’an Gate Street, just stepped into an open city Architecture Museum .

  Enhance the format protect the livelihood in the neighborhood calm down, slow down at the same time, the streets of Xi’an did not forget to upgrade to meet the basic needs of the people’s livelihood.

For more than eighty percent of stores along the street belonged to the company for the production, 上海高端水磨 by the Beijing Xicheng District Bureau of Commerce, the SASAC lead, to convene the relevant belonged to the company, the establishment of corporate vice president in charge of the Commissioner stationed liaison mechanism, a clear "shut down a number, the combined number, batch adjustment, transformation of a group, to retain a number of upgrade "a group of five ideas, promotes regulatory control around" combination of five "classification adjustments, will enhance the neighborhood governance and enhance organic functional format.

  Super 8 Hotel, the original 13 small stores, cluttered environment.

The enhance and promote the quality of its transformation, will be adjusted to 13 small stores in culture as the theme of two commercial activities.

  "The next step will further study block format entry and exit criteria, establish long-term control mechanisms.

"Xicheng District Bureau of Commerce four investigator Shaozi Jun representation. In addition, Xi’an Gate Street infrastructure optimized for" small change, big impact "for the principles of fine design, cost savings, mainly to do repair, updating use, precise cut rod , various types of traffic signs to reduce post 24, the lever ratio% reduction. rational use of the public space remediation embodiments, see the seam insert green, green area increase of about 406 square meters at 7, to enhance the activity neighborhoods etc. (End).


Harbin Normal University held "seizing new breakthroughs, solving safety and development" 智 库 high-end forum

  On October 29, the "Harbin Normal University hosted by the Ministry of CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee," seized the new breakthrough, solving safety and development ", the high-end forum of the Harbin Normal University. Hao Wenbin, deputy minister of the propaganda department of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, delivered a speech, Hao Wenbin said, "seizing new 上海徐汇区罗秀路全套 breakthroughs, solving safety and development", the high-end forum of the "Swiss", which is the modern new drain service modernization in Heilongjiang Province. Maintain the national "five major security", promote the high quality development of Longjiang, and must work in three aspects. First, we must improve the political station, and we must shoulder the major mission of maintaining "five major security". Fully recognize that "five major security" is the mission of political responsibility, is the real needs of the risk challenge, which is an inevitable requirement to promote the high quality development of Longjiang.

The second is to build six strong provinces, showing new as a research on the comparative advantage of Longjiang. In-depth study how Longjiang will play 上海最便宜的水磨会所 an advantage, resource endowment advantage, and the strength advantage of science and education. The third is to strengthen the mission, improve the level of decision-making capacity for the party committee of the Wishe to serve the Party Committee. Xin Baozhong, secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Normal University, said in a speech that Harbin Normal University has been in 70 years, it has always adhered to the Lid Tree as its own responsibility. He successively delivered more than 40 million excellent teachers, high-quality application talents and tips for social training. Innovative talents, providing important talent guarantees for the economic and social development of the country and Heilongjiang. Harbin Normal University will further play an important role in scientific research innovation and intelligence, providing powerful spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the comprehensive revitalization of Longjiang. After the opening ceremony, the researcher of the Ecological Environment Satellite Environment Application Center Gao Jiji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeast Geography and Agricultural Ecology Research Institute, Research Institute of Geography and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Wang Limao, School of Resources and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Ye Qiang, President of School of Economics, University of Economics, and the five experts of Jin Fengjun, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Science and Resources Research Institute, respectively surround "Practice Ecological Civilization Thoughts, Building Ecological Safety Heilongjiang" "Northeast Black Soil and Food Safety" "national energy security And responding strategy – combines the role of Heilongjiang in the national energy security strategy 上海水磨桑拿论坛 "" Some awareness of the development of Northeast China "in the national energy security strategy"

  Participants also combined with the "five major security" strategies to promote the high-quality development of Longjiang high quality development. (Li Xiaohang) +1.


Guanghua Ancy

Guang’an has a long history, and there is a record of civilized civilization. It can 上海贵族宝贝工作室论坛 be traced back more than 3,000 years ago.

Since the Northern Song Dynasty Kaibao (969), I took the Guang’an army, and the examples of "Guang’an" in this case, the name of "Guang’an" is so far.

Guang’an is also a young and charming city. In July 1993, the city was set up in July 1998, governed to Dong’an District, the Forng District, Hua Yun City, Yuechi County, Wusheng County, Yingshui County, the area of ??6339 square kilometers, and the total population is 4.7 million.

The great man, Guang’an, is the hometown of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the general designer of China. On August 22, 1904, Deng Xiaoping was born in Guang’an Zhixing Town, Guang’an, and he spent the childhood and juvenile. He was 16 years old and sent a heavy work to French work. He embarrassed the road of revolution. Dedicated to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation dedicated to their efforts. He affiliated to the motherland and the people, opened up the road to the strong country reform and opening up; he deeply loves the mulberry and folks, and left "Be sure to build Guang’an construction".

The 4.7 million small hometown people remember, liberate the thoughts, seeking truth from facts, unswervingly carrying the reform to the end, Guang’an development dynamic activity accelerated.

The city’s production value, fixed asset investment doubles breaks hundreds of billions, successfully entered the province’s millions of clubs, showing a good situation in which the economy has sustained, and the people’s livelihood will continue to improve, the social overall harmony and stability. Today, Guang’an, Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government are united to lead the people of the city, conscientiously implement the socialist thinking and central, provincial party committee decision deployment, adhere to the "1234" work ideas, namely: reaching high quality development, construction Beautiful prosperous and harmonious Guang’an "a goal, play the political advantage in Xiaoping, close to the location advantage of Chongqing" two advantages, strengthen "to grasp the project, grasp the policies, and pay the fund" three starters, "Sichuan Yun cooperative demonstration city , The four accelerated construction of the national ecological civilization first line demonstration area, the modern agricultural demonstration base, the red tourist resort, adhere to a blueprint to the bottom, reorganizing the carrying, struggling to create a new situation in Guang’an’s various careers.

The city of Binjiang City Guang’an is a city of Binjiang, which is "looked at the mountain, seeing water, remember to live in homesick".

Dunjiang twists and turns back to the ring, wear the city. Tunnean East Gate Terminal, Xiaoping comrades are from here to Chongqing to go to Shanghai, and open the study abroad to learn from the law. The Yangtze River first-level tributics Jialing Jiang Jing Guang’an City Wusheng County is in Chuan, Guang’an territory is 117 kilometers long, and the "Miles of Jialing, the longest Wu Sheng".

Jialingjiang and Qijiang have a hug in Guang’an, Shuangjiang, and nourish the wide security domain. Green Shui Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, Guang’an is accelerating the construction of national ecological civilization in Jialing River Basin. Guangdong Portal is located in the most east of Sichuan Province, close to Chongqing, ranking "Chengyu Xikun" Diamond Economic Circle Center, is an important node city of "all along the way" construction and the development of the Yangtze River economy. Hurong, Bao Mao, Lanhai, Sunguang, Baoguang Expressway in the territory, 渝, Lancome railway, is the important logistics node of the new European International Railway large channel. Inside the 1 hour drive, Chongqing Jiangbei and Nanchong Gaoping two airports connected to the world.

In the port of Guang’an, Guang’an, the thousand tons of ships can be directly connected to Shanghai.

Give full play to Chongqing’s location advantage, Guang’an is accelerating the construction of Sichuan and Chongqing cooperation demonstration cities and constructing the comprehensive transportation hub in Sichuan East, North China, comprehensive promotion and Chongqing integrated development, building Chongqing main city space expansion area, major industrial support area, farm farmers The by-product supply area, leisure holiday "post-garden", became the pilot zone of Sichuan and Chongqing. Guang’an, Chongqing has initially formed planning and joint, traffic interconnection, industry collaboration, service sharing and ecological co-development pattern, Guang’an 50% of industrial projects are supporting Chongqing, 75% of agricultural products sold to Chongqing, 60% Tourists from Chongqing. Guang’an, Guang’an, Guang’an, is an important destination of the leading and national red tourism of Sichuan, which is included in 12 "key red tourism districts" and 30 red tourism boutique lines. Deng Xiaoping’s former residence, and Hua Yushan The guerrilla site is listed as 100 "Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spots" in the national focus. Deng Xiaoping’s hidden tourist scenic spot is the only commemorative park in the world to commemorate Comrade Deng Xiaoping.

The park has the hostel of Deng Xiaoping, Hanlinyuan (Childhood Deng Xiaoping in this enlightenment) The only museum that commemorates Comrade Deng Xiaoping; Deng Xiaoping’s Museum of Museum is Deng Xiaoping’s sole-residence exhibition hall, which allows people to understand the Xiaoping comrades from all angles. Hongyan hometown – Hua Yushan, Ji Xiong, odd, insurance, quiet, is known as "the first Xiong Mountain" in the world, the story of the Huashan Mountain guerrilla, the two guns, Huashan Tianchi With Tianshan Tianchi, Changbai Mountain Tianchi, concurrently three major Tianchi in the country; Hua Yushan Baoding is one of the eight Buddhist Holy Lands in the country, and enjoy the reputation of "Dongchao Bao Ding, West Dynasty Emei".

Guang’an is an outstanding tourist city of China, has a 5A-level scenic spot (Deng Xiaoping’s hidden tourist scenic spot), 6 scenic spots (Hua Yushan tourist area, Huayong Mountain Tianyi Valley Scenic Area, Shenlong Shanbei Stone City, Baoli Tourism District, Bai Ping – Dragon Village Tourism Resort, Wuhuishan Tourist Area). Relying on 闵行区干磨 the unique tourist resources, Guang’an is working hard to build Deng Xiaoping’s two red tourism brands, becoming the world to remember the great people, chasing China’s reform and opening up, and modern construction history, Sichuan red tourism international image display window. Source: Places Contributed.


China US dollars will exchange views on the future strategic issues of the two countries.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 15 (Reporter Zhu Chao, Warm) Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian at the routine reporter on the 15th, asked the upcoming China-US dollar video meeting to answer, according to both parties, President Xi Jinping It will be frank, deep and fully exchanged views of the future strategic issues of Sino-上海足浴fjUS relations and the common concern of the United States. Zhao Lijian said that after agreed by the two sides of China, President Xi Jinping will hold a video meeting with US President Biden in the morning of November 16, Beijing. The current Sino-US relations are in key crossroads.

This video meeting is a major event in Sino-US relations, and it is also a major event for international relations.

People and the 上海周边洗浴按摩 international community wish to meet the results of all the two countries and the world.

He said that I hope that the United States is in the same way, strengthening the cooperation between dialogue, effective management and control, sensitive problems, explores China and the United States as the world’s big country, the way, the peaceful coexistence, and promote Sino-US relations to return to healthy and stable The correct track of development.


Beijing Junior High School, English, listening, speaking, the machine test online experience system opened

Original title: Beijing junior high school test English heard the test online experience system opened this newspaper (Reporter Wu Wenjuan) In 2022, Beijing Junior Middle School, the first English listening, speaking, the test will be held on December 18, 2021. Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Education Examination Institute yesterday that in order to facilitate candidates to familiarize themselves with English-speaking forms and processes, Beijing Education Examination Institute opened "Beijing Junior High School Examination English Listening Examination Online Experience System", candidates can log in to this system in advance Simulation exercise.

  According to reports, candidates can directly log in directly to "Beijing Junior High School Examination English Listening Examination Online Experience System", or open the Beijing Education Examination Hospital website (), click on the middle school test, commonly used links, English listening Speaking of the machine test online experience system, enter the system online simulation exercise.

It is reported that the keyboard detection link is added after the test of the candidates this year, which 闵行干磨300群 can test whether the keyboard input is normal.

At the same time, this year replaced the original content in the question bank, using a new test for candidates to simulate the simulation practice. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Education Examination Institute is recommended to use the "English listening and speaking computer test online experience system" to experience the examination process, familiar with the examination topics, and prepare for the exam. According to reports, candidates need to use the mainstream browsers such as IE8 and above or more, Firefox to enter the online experience system website, click on the "related instructions used online experience system" to read, and then select "I have read and agree in detail", you can immediately Download experience. After 上海私人会所 logging in to the online experience system, the candidates must first wear the test of headphones, microphones, etc., will officially enter the system to simulate exercises. It should be noted that the English machine test online experience system is only applicable to the Windows operating system, does not apply to Android, IOs and other operating systems, and mobile terminal devices are not supported.

At the same time, the online experience system must be used in an internet environment and does not support offline usage systems.

In order to make the experience process smoothly, it is recommended that candidates turn off various types of anti-virus software when conducting simulation exercises, otherwise anti-virus software may alarm, obstructing program use. Beiqing reporter learned that the English-speaking 上海水磨外卖工作室 test online experience system applies to two identity login users, that is, students and non-school students.

Among them, the school students log in to the online experience system by using the student status (ie education ID), the password is used, and the number of students can log in to the online experience system through the mobile phone registration. Each mobile phone number can only be registered once, so everyone Be sure to keep in mind the registration information after successful registration.

  The second English listening, speaking, in March 2022, in accordance with the spirit of the relevant document of the Municipal Education Commission, the total score of the English subjects of the Municipal Education Commission is 100 points, of which 60 is divided into a written test score, 40 points Listening speech test results.

Listening speech exams are separated from the test pen, take a computer test method, candidates have two exam opportunities, take the highest points into English scores.

In terms of the topic, junior high school teachers said that English has a total of four topics, including five kinds of topics, and after listening to 12 points, I will answer 10 points, listen to 5 points after listening, listening to 5 points And read a short message 8 points. According to the arrangement, in 2022, the second English listening to the second English listening, speaking, in March 2022, candidates who have achieved satisfaction (40 points) will not be able to participate in the second exam. Beiqing reporter noted that according to the past exam arrangements, English listening, speaking, the machine test is up to 6 games per day, and each test time is about 30 minutes. The test system presented a test questions in order, and candidates need to complete the answer or modification of the current answer interface.

After the specified time is exhausted or candidates, after clicking the "Submit this question" button, the system will present the next answer interface, at this time, the candidate will not return the answer to the previous answer. This year’s exam arrangements are subject to the final notice of the Beijing Education Examination Institute. To improve the performance of the English, candidates should pay attention to the practice of usual and listening, listening, reading more, more, more; prefers are familiar with the examination, clarity theme structure and topic; Be familiar with the operation of the test platform; Enhance the keyboard to enter English training; actively participate in various simulation tests; under the premise of using good textbooks, expand the learning resources.

In addition, candidates can log in to the "English listening and speaking computer exam online experience system" experience exam procedures, familiar with the exam questions, and prepare for the exam. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


Fujian Province announced the third batch of party history education to visit learning points

Recently, Fujian Provincial Party History Learning Education Leading Group Office recommends the third batch of party history learning education visits to the society, Nuclear Group China Nuclear Industrial Science and Technology Museum (Fujian), Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang Fire Rescue Station, Xiapu County 20 points in the ancient county villages in Songshan Street entered the recommendation list. Specific list is: Zhongjin 1. Nuclear Group China Nuclear Industrial Science and Technology Museum (Fujian), China The 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party Fujian Art Museum Collection Fortune 上海哪里有桑拿按摩会所 Exhibition Fuzhou 5. Fuzhou Yuji Village Red Army North Anti-Japanese In-Day Memorial Park 6. "Heroes of the Square Lane" – Sanfang Qi Lane Red Memory Exhibition Xiamen 7. "筼Story "Xiamen Ecological Civilization Construction Exhibition Hall 8. Gulangyu Red Education Theme Pavilion Zhangzhou 9. 中南 地 委 旧 ((Nanjing Shishi) Quanzhou 10. Anxi County Annan Yongde Soviet government site 11. Anxi County Chengxiang Town Sanming 12. Yuxian Town, Yuxi County, Nanping 13. Science and Technology Specialist System Exhibition Hall 14. Chinese Communist Party, North History Exhibition Hall, 15. Songxi County, Songxi County, Songxi District History Memorial Dragon Rock 16. Yongding Niu Rongsheng Red Education Base 17. Western Industrial and Rural Bank’s site 18. Red Fourth Army Command, the Ministry of Education for 爱上海419油压论坛 the Siki – 上海不正规浴场哪里有 Xingang Villa 19. Sujiatu Village, Guuda Town, Shangzhou County Chen Lanyan) Share let more people see the client download.


Dajiang Dong | Black Technology + Warm Injury Detail, Shanghai Jinbo "Store Little Two" is very hard

Personnel safety, epidemic prevention and control, is a key ring of successful success.

Shanghai Telecom has fully improved the ability to serve the Expo in "Digital Transformation" means. In response to the demand for organizing committees and related departments, there is provided communication guarantees for 259 specialized routes for the Expo, providing a certification, verifying special services to enter the export venues of the Expo personnel. More than 400,000 people and vehicle entry and export venues, the verification of their identity information will be fully guaranteed by the information verification comparison exchange between Telecom.

Shanghai Telecom also puts 2118 epidemicological unit circuits, 756 countries and nationals, and 676-based enterprises are important customer equipment, and 71 important client headlines are included in the important guarantee list. It is the only designated official service hotline, and nearly more than 70 cases have been accumulated in the official service hotline. Shanghai Mobile applies the latest communication technologies and means such as "seven-double disaster recovery, double architecture" "L3 automatic driving network" "three-dimensional network" to enhance the quality of the city’s boutique network.

Real-time monitoring integrated security platforms to enter the core venues, transportation 上海奉贤新茶嫩茶 hubs, important hotels, important scenes and roads, to enter the headquarters in the venue, into the Expo Shanghai Mobile Emergency Communication Communication Communication, and the background The command center provides a decision-making reference. Among them, the "L3 automatic driving network" carrying the "L3 automatic driving network" in Shanghai Mobile Real-time Monitoring Integrated Saving Platform is called "thinking, action" mobile network technology.

With artificial intelligence algorithm, enhanced mixed reality, "L3 automatic driving network" can really perceive network environment changes, automatically start processing mode.

When monitoring the network in the field, high-load, high interference, etc. Shanghai Mobile also cooperates with Shanghai Medical 上海qm兼职 Emergency Center, with a number of Jinli Hospitals, Zhongshan Hospital, Tongren Hospital, etc., providing strong support for this year’s 5G first aid security.

Among them, 5G City First Aid Brigade was used for the first time for 5G emergency protection. Based on 5G special channels isolated from the public network, 5G City First Aid Brigade meets the emergency business data encrypted transmission, and better realizes ambulance, 120 emergency center, and the three-party interconnection of the hospital. It also supports the new intelligent security card in the car. Scan code function, realized the pre-hospital first aid effect of "getting on the hospital". Gidding "Aviation Services", the 71-channel theme car is a bilingual guide to enter the Expo bus line direct access, and you can enjoy the "tall" of the plane. This year, the long-term bus group bus 3 company 71 road transport team gosted a "air service", and launched the "bilingual service special" again, combined with the P1 parking lot, the service desk, to create the world’s first Fan window. During the Excelle, the extension of the 71st section extends from 8:00 to 19 points to the national exhibition center P1 parking lot, and it is important to assume important capacity protection tasks. Bus Three Company All flight attendants practiced English, learning etiquette. The transportation team in the 71st road passed through the business exchange with aviation and high-speed rail, and the quality of service is enhanced by the details.

In August this year, bus three companies recruited 10 temperament, high degree, English good job, enrich talents, can be skilled in the use of Mandarin and simple English conversations, greet passengers, report the way, persuade, line transfer A must have basic skills.